Sunday, December 16, 2007

Short Sale Fandango

Strangest thing happened this weekend. There was this real estate party that was to be an informative meeting about short sales. The conversations were about short sale real estate this and short sale real estate that, it was ho-hum for a period of real estate time. Then, all of a sudden, some short sale music started playing.

And a short sale band came out playing with crazy short sale musical instruments. It was the classic style of real estate songs with a the mortgage broker on the short sale drum and the realtors and real estate investors signing short sale tunes. These beautiful short sale women started dancing and short sale was heard everywhere.

It was a short sale fandango. I've never seen short sales like this short sale real estate party before and I thought I would share this short sale adventure with you. Short sales are gaining in popularity and the short sale fandango seems to be a real hit.

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