Saturday, July 19, 2008

Examining FNMA Flips & Short Sales

There has been a lot of misinformation on the internet with FNMA short sales. The FNMA MyCommunity mortgage is another subject altogether. The FNMA Flips and FNMA Flipping is also another story altogether. This article is about FNMA Flips and FNMA short sales.

A short sale is defined by Fannie Mae - FNMA and it is formerly known as the Federal National Mortgage Association which is a corporation that specializes in buying mortgage loans from mortgage bankers. FNMA adds liquidity when it can to the mortgage market. The fed recently bailed out FNMA by allowing it to borrow from the Fed's discount window. Again, don't get me started on that aspect of FNMA.

FNMA offers many Foreclosure Workout Options. Fannie Mae has a Repayment Arrangement, Forbearance, Loan Modification, Short Sale , Short Sale , and Deed in Lieu . Did I mention FNMA short sale? Yeah, I mentioned FNMA short sale in Florida just to see that you were paying attention. Now let's talk about FNMA Flips in Florida using the FNMA MyCommunity mortgage loan. This has a few things in common with the FNMA short sale. Namely, that they are both sponsored by Fannie Mae. There will be more on FNMA if you liked this post then you should save this blog in you favorites.

FNMA Flipping Rules are ever changing. To stay on top of the lates FNMA news with regards to short sales and FNMA Flips, check the Fannie Mae rules on flipping properties.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Florida Short Sales Dicover a Solution in Option Contracts

Developing successful real estate short sale transactions through the option contract is beneficial for a number of reasons in real estate. This is particularly true in hard hit real estate market like Florida that is flooded with short sales with no end in sight. There are a number of advantages to using the Florida option contract with short sales that are being discussed in Florida real estate today.

Visit the Option Contract for Florida real estate site to locate such short sales.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Secrets of Current FHA APR

Secrets of Current FHA APR have been compiled for centuries in the mortgage business. The first fha mortgage broker to crack the current code for APR was an understudy of the FHA APR that was currently in the mortgage rescission period for TILA violations.


Friday, July 4, 2008

How TILA's 'Holder in Dues Course' Relates to Current FHA APR

Many FHA mortgage lenders fail to calculate the FHA using the current index. For the TILA to be in compliance for an FHA variable rate mortgage loan, the current index must be used and that is the index available at time of consummation. This will all be used to calculate a current fha apr for TILA purposes.

Many document examiners are concerned with the current fha apr when evaluating an FHA mortgage loan for compliance with the TILA. If the FHA mortgage loan is out of compliance because the current FHA APR was not used for calculating the final Truth in Lending statement, then the FHA borrower may have recourse against the mortgage lender.

When the FHA mortgage loans are passed around and the servicing rights of the lender are traded around like a hot potato, you must still be concerned for the current FHA APR calculations on the TIL. The lender takes assignment and is considered a holder in due course and protected against many claims that would otherwise be actionable against the originator. One claim that an assignee can not escape, however, is one that is evident on the face of the documents. And that is, you guessed it, the current fha apr. Otherwise known as todays fha apr.

For a more detailed analysis of current fha apr, check the updated post on the FHA Loan Expert Blog as follows: Current FHA APR.