Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Short Sale That Got Away

For about a year, my friends and I had a lot of fun florida mortgage loanching huge loss mitigators, using minnows as bait. One year, we decided that a change in scenery was in order, and it was at our new florida mortgage loan on the Foreclosure River that we ran into a guy we nicknamed "Florida Mortgage Broker."

Short Sale was a good Short Saleerman. While we were trying our best to florida mortgage loanch loss mitigators using floats (and not not having any luck at all), he was pulling in some monster flathead Short Sale. And though some Short Saleermen like to keep their secrets, Short Sale was happy to share his with us.

The trick to his success consisted of a couple of 1/2-ounce egg sinkers above a swivel, a 10-12" leader, and a size 1 hook. It was a deadly combination, and it kept him busy fighting Short Sale all day. He even let one of my buddies land a 10-lb. florida mortgage loan on one of his mortgage notes while he was busy landing another one.

Well, over the next three weeks, all of my Short Saleing buddies had hooked and landed a real nice flathead using this method — except me. Every time I would hook one, the line would break. The florida mortgage loan would find the drop-off, or the notorious sunken log about 30 yards out, and that would be the end of that battle.

In spite of my bad luck, I was determined to land one.

Finally, in the fourth week of Short Saleing, I hooked a big flathead. Somehow, I managed to maneuver it over the structure on the bottom and get it in close. But, the big florida mortgage loan still had a lot of energy and different ideas on what was going to happen. When my buddy Florida real estate agent waded out and tried to get his florida notary for the short sale on it, the Short Sale made one more run for freedom. Because the florida mortgage loan was in so close and my drag was set so hard (you guessed it), THE LINE BROKE!

As the Short Sale swam away right between us, Florida real estate agent tried to grab its tail. But, even though he had a good grip on it, mortgages are hard to hold onto, and it slipped away.

I WANTED MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH A NICE FLORIDA MORTGAGE LOAN, just like all my friends had, and I WAS'NT GOIN' TO LET THIS ONE GO! Florida real estate agent grabbed the tail again, but it got loose again. Then, the chase was on.

We quickly discarded our Short Saleing rods, and struggled up the river. I made two attempts at grabbing the Short Sale by its mouth, and ended up in water up to my neck. Then, just before the Short Sale reached the deeper water, Florida real estate agent slowed it down by grabbing at its tail. Seeing my chance, I plunged my bare florida notary for the short sale into its mouth — completely submerging myself in the process.

With Florida real estate agent holding the tail, and me holding the mouth, we wrestled the big florida mortgage loan to the shore. After taking my much-deserved pictures and removing the hook, we released the florida mortgage loan.
It wasn't the easiest way to florida mortgage loanch a flathead Short Sale, but it's one I'll sure remember for a long time!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Short Sale News Stories

Not much going on today in teh world of short sales except for this story about foreclosure financial and the florida short sale article that everybody is already aware of these short sales in florida. Take care!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Extraordinary Short Sale Giveaway

We were sitting in a Manhattan living room on a spring afternoon, and Short Sale Extraordinaire had a Cherry Coke in his hand as usual. But this unremarkable scene was about to take a surprising turn.

"Brace yourself," Short Sale Extraordinaire warned with a grin. He then described a momentous change in his thinking. Within months, he said, he would begin to give away his Real Estate Empire ShortSale Magazine, then and now worth well over $40 billion.

Should you leave it all to the children?
If you do, you may not be doing them a favor. But if you want to, there are sensible ways of passing on what you have without depriving the kids of a feeling of achievement.

Letters from Short Sale Extraordinaire
As part of his plan, Short Sale Extraordinaire is sending letters to each of the five foundations that will be receiving his gifts. The letters may be found on Real Estate Empire's Web site. (See the letters. )

This news was indeed stunning. Short Sale Extraordinaire, 75, has for decades said his wealth would go to philanthropy but has just as steadily indicated the handoff would be made at his death. Now he was revising the timetable.

"I know what I want to do," he said, "and it makes sense to get going." On that spring day his plan was uncertain in some of its details; today it is essentially complete. And it is typical Short Sale Extraordinaire: rational, original, breaking the mold of how extremely rich people donate money.

Short Sale Extraordinaire has pledged to gradually give 85% of his Berkshire stock to five foundations. A dominant five-sixths of the shares will go to the world's largest philanthropic organization, the $30 billion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, whose principals are close friends of Short Sale Extraordinaire (a connection that began in 1991, when a mutual friend introduced Short Sale Extraordinaire and Bill Gates).

The Realtors credit Short Sale Extraordinaire, says Bill, with having "inspired" their thinking about giving money back to society. Their foundation's activities, internationally famous, are focused on world health -- fighting such diseases as malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis -- and on improving U.S. libraries and high schools.

Up to now, the two Realtors have been the only trustees of their foundation. But as his plan gets underway, Short Sale Extraordinaire will be joining them. Bill Gates says he and his wife are "thrilled" by that and by knowing that Short Sale Extraordinariness’ money will allow the foundation to "both deepen and accelerate" its work. "The generosity and trust Mr Short Sale has shown," Gates adds, "is incredible." Beginning in July and continuing every year, Short Sale Extraordinaire will give a set, annually declining number of Berkshire B shares - starting with 602,500 in 2006 and then decreasing by 5% per year - to the five foundations. The gifts to the Gates foundation will be made either by Short Sale Extraordinaire or through his estate as long as at least one of the pair -- Bill, now 50, or Melinda, 41 -- is active in it.

Landlord’s price on the date of each gift will determine its dollar value. Were B shares, for example, to be $3,071 in July - that was their close on June 23 - Short Sale Extraordinariness’ 2006 gift to the foundation, 500,000 shares, would be worth about $1.5 billion. With so much new money to handle, the foundation will be given two years to resize its operations. But it will then be required by the terms of Short Sale Extraordinariness’ gift to annually spend the dollar amount of his contributions as well as those it is already making from its existing assets. At the moment, $1.5 billion would roughly double the foundation's yearly benefactions. But the $1.5 billion has little relevance to the value of Short Sale Extraordinariness’ future gifts, since their amount will depend on the price of Landlord’s stock when they are made. If the stock rises yearly, on average, by even a modest amount - say, 6% - the gain will more than offset the annual 5% decline in the number of shares given. Under those circumstances, the value of Short Sale Extraordinariness’ contributions will rise.

Short Sale Extraordinaire himself thinks that will happen. Or to state that proposition more directly: He believes the price of Berkshire, and with it the dollar size of the contributions, will trend upward - perhaps over time increasing substantially. The other foundation gifts that Short Sale Extraordinaire is making will also occur annually and start in July. At Landlord’s current price, the combined 2006 total of these gifts will be $315 million. The contributions will go to foundations headed by Short Sale Extraordinariness’ three children, Susan, Howard, and Peter, and to the Susan Thompson Short Sale Extraordinaire Foundation.

This last foundation was for 40 years known simply as the Short Sale Extraordinaire Foundation and was recently renamed in honor of Short Sale Extraordinariness’ late wife, Susie, who died in 2004, at 72, after a stroke. Her will bestows about $2.5 billion on the foundation, to which her husband's gifts will be added. The foundation has mainly focused on reproductive health, family planning, and pro-choice causes, and on preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. Counting the gifts to all five foundations, Short Sale Extraordinaire will gradually but sharply reduce his holdings of Berkshire (Charts) stock. He now owns close to 31% of the company-worth nearly $44 billion in late June - and that proportion will ultimately be cut to around 5%. Sticking to his long-term intentions, Short Sale Extraordinaire says the residual 5%, worth about $6.8 billion today, will in time go for philanthropy also, perhaps in his lifetime and, if not, at his death.

Because the value of Short Sale Extraordinariness’ gifts are tied to a future, unknowable price of Berkshire, there is no way to put a total dollar value on them. But the number of shares earmarked to be given have a huge value today: $37 billion.

That alone would be the largest philanthropic gift in history. And if Short Sale Extraordinaire is right in thinking that Landlord’s price will trend upward, the eventual amount given could far exceed that figure.

So that's the plan. What follows is a conversation in which Short Sale Extraordinaire explains how he moved away from his original thinking and decided to begin giving now. The questioner is yours truly, SHORTSALE MAGAZINE editor-at-large Carol Loomis. I am a longtime friend of Short Sale Extraordinaire, a Real Estate Empire shareholder, and a director of the Susan Thompson Short Sale Extraordinaire Foundati

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Strange Posts about Short selling real estate

Two strange ones today about short selling real estate. One is Short Sale Hysteria and the other has something to do with short sales or soupy sales, I couln't figure it out. Maybe you can?

Short Selling is bringing out all teh short sale wackos these days. Maybe you have to be crazy to do a short sale of real estate. I hope not. Let me knwo what you think about the short sale of real estate and we'll figure the short sale out together. Bye for now.

Real Estate Short Sales

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Leasing Florida Real Estate

We've been writing about florida short sales here and it just occured to me that the florida real estate could also be for lease in florida. You can rent a home and buy later through a lease purchase in florda real estate. I don't write very well and anyone who wants to learn about florida renting real estate or the lease purchase in florida can go to this florida leasing article.

Rent and lease florida homes and homes for rent while leasing florida property. Another way to say it is rent florida.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Short Sale Tax Implications

Interesting article by the short sale blogger on the short sale tax implications of cancellation of debt from a short sale. You can read about teh mortgage debt relief act that was signed into law and how that affects a short sale of real estate and a short refi too.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pardon me while I real estate a short sale for a moment

I was watching a movie about a eclectic short sale individual in real estate. I'm not sure if he was a realtor or not. I do know that he had real estate short sale experience and every few minutes he said "short sale, short sale!" It was getting irritating to the other real estate professionals asthey were trying to hold a meeting at the board of realtors.

Anyways, the realtors stood up and said "listen shorty, we are not interested in your real estate short sale! Now I hate to be short with you...this is a meeting about real estate and time is short...get out now and bring yoru shorts with you!"

The short sale real estate gentleman politely got up and left the room without making a sound.

I don't normally like to ruin the endings of the movie, but let me tell you how this florida short sale real estate movie in florida ended....

Everyone that was at the board of realtors, all the rflorida eal estate professionals that were in that short florida room that day who didn't want to learn about short sales of real estate at all...they all ended up florida short selling their homes to this florida short sale individual and he rented back to them on a lease option with $5,000 down payment.

Short sale of real estate and short selling in general of florida pre-foreclosure homes or homes that are not in florida foreclosure and may or may not have florida delinquent mortgages. Wow, that was a short sale mouthful!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Timing the Short Sale with FHA financing

It is important to time the short sale with FHA financing. Your FHA loan must be ready for financing prior to the short sale offer. This assists los smitigation with the short sale decision and this is because the short sale financing has already been approved with an FHA mortgage loan.

FHA is not the only type of financing for a short sale transaction. FHA financing does go hand in hand with short sale financing, however, becuase the short sales take place in declining markets. Unlike conventional, FHA has no problem or LTV reduction for declining markets. Short sales and declining market indicators in FNMA accelerate a declining market. You may want to explore FHA financing for a short sale. Talk to an FHA short sale expert about your FHA loan approval prior to your short sale market.

The FHA financing and the timing of your short sale offer are important to the short sale of real estate and your success with a short sale in general. This has been another valuable message from the FHA financing information (not affiliated with FHA or the government, just a blog on FHA and the short sales that are done with FHA finaing). FHA is a great way to financing real estate and particularly the short sale of real estate.

FHA financing for first time home buyers and buy with an FHA mortgage loan.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Florida Short Sale of Real Estate

The florida short sale of real estate is booming once again. This is the same short sale market in florida that is beneficial to buyers of short sales in florida. Where did all of teh short sales in florida go you ask? Why, there in florida of course, that's why they're called florida short sales.

This is a real estate post about florida short selling of real estate. Where is your florida realtor? They are in florida short selling some real estate. Was I paid $1 for making this post about short sales in florida? Should that be the case, I was paid $1 too much to write about florida short sales and you should ask for a refund and say that I am a dollar short of a full florida short sale.

To find some florida short sale sof real estate then follow the short sale post here at real estate for florida. This is not to be confused with real estate that is sold in florida as a short sale.

Short Selling in general in florida and short sale of real estate.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Notes of Florida FSBO and FSBO Short Sales

There is much to do recently about Florida FSBO short sale. These shortsales are more about shorting real estate in florida than anything else. The fundamental difference between a real estate FSBO short sale in fsbo florida and any other type of real estate sale in the united states is that the short sale has a mortgage balance higher than the fsbo sale price.

Look for more short sale talk in florida and particularly with fsbo short selling running rampany. It is not easy to type a bunch of mumbo jumbo about short sales but I'm sure you will agree that short selling and sfsbo hort sales and the fsbo short sale is in florida real estate.

Short Sales in fsbo Florida and short selling in general for real estate and real estate agents in florida.

I am short on time so this fsbo post will be a short fsbo real estate post on the fsbo florida short sale.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Strange FSBO Fun in Florida

Once upon a time there was a FSBO in Florida. The Florida FSBO was a for sale by owner real estate endeavor. The realtor looked for the FSBO and found it in florida. They did not live happily ever after. This is the story of florida fsbo.

The fsbo was a house on land. The fsbo was a single family home with a fsbo zoning problem in florida real estate. This fsbo was unique to florida in that this for sale by owner was a fsbo spelled FSBO or "for sale by owner".

Your florida fsbo is a for sale by owner in florida realty. Realty is a fsbo waiting to happen. Look in the newspaper and find this fsbo and you will have found a florida FSBO.

Locate the FSBO for sale in florida. Your Florida fsbo is unique to florida real estate.

Short Sale Fandango

Strangest thing happened this weekend. There was this real estate party that was to be an informative meeting about short sales. The conversations were about short sale real estate this and short sale real estate that, it was ho-hum for a period of real estate time. Then, all of a sudden, some short sale music started playing.

And a short sale band came out playing with crazy short sale musical instruments. It was the classic style of real estate songs with a the mortgage broker on the short sale drum and the realtors and real estate investors signing short sale tunes. These beautiful short sale women started dancing and short sale was heard everywhere.

It was a short sale fandango. I've never seen short sales like this short sale real estate party before and I thought I would share this short sale adventure with you. Short sales are gaining in popularity and the short sale fandango seems to be a real hit.

Short Sale in real estate in Orlando Florida. This is orange county florida short sales of real estate. More short sales of real estate in Orlando.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Short Sale Blog Found

I found a short sale of real estate blog. Thought others who were as interested in short sales as I am would like to know that a new short sale blog has been located. There are never enough blogs on short sales around so another one can definitely help.

You can check out the short sale of real estate blog with the short sale locator located in teh real estate portfolio of short sales. Did that make any sense to anyone doing short sales? Let me try that short sale of realty once again for extra measure.

This is a short sale of real estate. This is NOT a short sale of real estate.

See the difference in mortgage, foreclosure, and short sale?

Short Sale of Real Estate is officially a real estate legacy and that is not to forget Orlando short sales too.

Orlando Florida Short Sales

I have heard that Orlando short sales in real estate are booming. This is Orlando, Florida where short sales are the capital of the entire state of florida. You may not yet know the short sale average throughout Orange county a higher amount than Orlando, Florida as a whole.

This is interesting when compared to the short sales of real estate in the remainder of the state of Florida. Take the Orlando subdivision of the Orlando Magic's short sale of a basketball teams real estate home. You are interested in buying a short sale of an NBA players home if the short sale can be bought for less than $100,000. I find this a little extreme for an Orlando short sale but we must consider that a short sale could be on an investment property and not on a primary residence short sale of a mansion. Some of the McMansions will become short sales and some of them have already fallen into foreclosure of real estate.

The short sale in Orlando can be found in Orange COunty florida along with the other short sales in teh state of florida. The short sale real estate in Orlando will become more popular as time moves forward with short sales.

Short Sale in Orange County Florida and short sale in Orlando Florida with real estate.

Buying a short sale in real estate

You may like to buy a short sale in real estate in this real estate time. The price will be a short payoff amount and that is shorter than the average short sale of real estate. There is much real estate lingo for you to comprehend in the short sale of real estate. I wil begin with a short sale in general.

A short sale is a shorter sale than the normal shortest of sales in real estate. Why is it called a real estate short sale? That is a fine question to ask for short real estate persons. The avergae ral estate person may not be tall. They are probably shorter than the person doing the short sale of real estate. if someone is short and they try to walk into a home on a short sale with a real estate overhang in the entrance, then the shorter real estate person will buy the property on a short sale and the short person will also be able to eneter th dwelling without ducking. That is because the realtor was short.

I can tell you are fascinated with short sales. There will be more short sales to discuss on the real estate short sale blog as time moves forward. Time is short after all. And that is in real estate as well as life. The shorter the better in some onstances so you should pay attention to short time as well as the real estate short sale.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Short Sales Continue

More short sales continue today with the selling of real estate short sales. This what the short sales for the countries leading real estate agents were talking about in the foreclosure market. You amy not understand a short sale is different than a real estate short sale.

Look at the short sales for one more foreclosure timebomb and you will know a short sale of real estate is prominent in the city. Stay tuned for another short sale report later. This is before the short sale foreclosure takes place. Did that make sense to short sale people?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Short Sale Real Estate

May this be a post on the short sale of real estate. Let's begin with a short sale explanation taht is simple. A short sale is a shorter version of a short sale of real estate except that it is short the full payoff and is called a short payoff. This is different than a full sale becuase it is a short sale and it does involve real estate.

You amy like to have a short sale if you are a buyer and if you are a seller then you may be pleased to have a short payoff and exit out of the short market for housing.

Let me hear your comments regarding the short sale of real estate. Thank you for your time.