Thursday, December 25, 2008

Refinance FHA loan to 5% rate

Many people are refinancing the FHA loan they have down to a 5% interest rate through a little know program called the FHA streamlined refinance. You may have an FHA loan that has a rate higher than 5% and if so then you too can refinance through the FHA streamline refinance program down to a 5% interest rat. The process does not require an appraisal from what I am told. The process is very simple. You must already have an FHA loan with a rate higher than 5%. For more information on the FHA streamline refinance, take a look at what the other blogs are saying about the refinance program with FHA. 5% is a nice rate I am told by Larry Linkler the FHA genious.

FHA streamine refinance

Friday, December 19, 2008

Florida Foreclosure Stories Starring Miss Foreclosure!

Mrs Foreclosure said her crusade was born out of experience. Over and over again, she said, in her cases and those of other attorneys she met, she found sloppiness, fraud and outright criminality in the nation’s mortgage lending industry. Regardless of why her clients have been unable to pay their mortgages, she maintains that nobody deserves to lose a home to the unethical and illegal foreclosure procedures that she claims are now being used by many banks and loan servicers.

Her work has earned her the enmity of many a lender and high praise from consumer advocates. “She is definitely a woman who walks the talk and carries a big stick that will crush those who defy consumer laws,” wrote Moe Bedard, president of Loan Safe Solutions, a company that tries to help homeowners prevent foreclosure.

The Mortgage Bankers Association, the trade group that represents 2,400 companies from all sectors of real estate finance, did not respond to’s invitation to comment about Mrs Foreclosure and her sweeping indictment of the industry and its business practices. And the American Bankers Association, unfamiliar with her work, had no comment.

But clients like VBankruptcy Applicants for foreclosure of Jacksonville, for whom Short sale of real estate has staved off foreclosure for more than four years, adore her. “She’s a foreclosure loan modification alternative said short sale in Florida. “Without Miss Foreclosure, I would have been out a long time ago.”

Monday, October 13, 2008

Anyone Heard About The FHA Short Refinance Program?

I'm hearing that the FHA short refinance program is out the gate but I don't hear of any lenders offering the short payoff and even fewer lenders giving the new Hope For Homeowners program a chance. What are people going to do to refinance ther homes with a short payoff if no one offers the FHA SHort Refinance?

This seems like much to do about nothing so far and I'm thinking that compared to a loan modification, the FHA short refinance is going nowhere.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Day in the Life of an FHA short Payoff Department

As a FHA Short Payoff Analyst, you will be expected to perform various processing, research, and collection functions with the FHA short Payoff Support and refinancing Department, including, but not limited to, collection of shortages or replacement funds due to FHA lender once a short payoff is received, researching and reporting on refinancing loan balances, posting various monetary transactions to FHA loans. Requires knowledge of FHA refinancing departmental and company operating procedures and policies. You must be capable of communicating with several outside agents for collection of large sums of money.

  • Research root cause of short payoff shortages.

  • Collect FHA refinancing payoff shortages and replacement funds on returned payoff checks.

  • Track shortages and check/wire amounts daily.

  • Ensure complete updates of all activity completed on the accounts.
  • Accurately process FHA loan payoffs and various monetary loan transactions.
  • Ensure workflow routes on previous issues are completed correctly and within the service level agreement.
  • Research short refinancing balances on paid in full loans.
  • Prepare and mail short refinacing checks and letters for FHA mortgage origination.
  • Must maintain all back-up in house for 90 days, then boxed and labeled correctly for off-site
  • shipping.
  • Assist in cross training on all functions within the job.
  • Complete daily aging report for all items still outstanding.
  • Maintain all supporting documentation for easy access including FHA refinance requests.
  • Any processing back-up and balancing is to be turned in on time.
  • All refinance checks not returned or applied must be accounted for and locked in the appointed
  • fireproof safe daily.
  • Backup for FHA payoff requests and mail opening.
  • Perform any other additional refinancing responsibilities assigned daily.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

FHA Short Refinance is also know as the FHA Short Refi

Many people are aware that an FHA short refinance is also called and FHA short refi. Then again, many people may not be aware of that. I have found that FHA refinance programs are beneficial for borrowers looking for a fixed rate of interest and lower payment. The problem is that the values of homes and real estate are lower than the mortgage balance. This leaves a normal fha refinance short funds to close the refi; enter the FHA short Refi.

The FHA short refi can assist by lowering the payoff to accomodate the refinance transaction. This will help a borrower who would be short funds to close on teh FHA refinance. There are many mortgage prgrams available but few are as interesting as the fha short refinance.

FHA short Refinance Lenders

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Short Sale Pre-Approvals, A Quandry of Sorts...

I found this short sale and mortgage approval letter or argument persuasive. A mortgage pre-approval letter is a step above pre-qualification. A short sale pre-approval involves verifying your credit, down payment, employment history, etc. Your loan application is submitted to an underwriter and a decision is made regarding your loan application. If your loan is pre-approved, you are then issued a pre-approval letter. Getting your short sale or loan pre-approval allows you to close very quickly when you do find a house. A pre-approval can help you negotiate a better price with the seller, since being pre-approved is very close to having cash in the bank to pay for the house!

Now, let's contrast that with a short sale preapproval and the short sale preapproval letter. You can see that the various short sale approvals and short sale preapprovals offer a stark contrast to what is otherwise considered a mortgage preapproval.

Florida short sale pre-approvals

Sunday, August 10, 2008

FHA 4155 and the FHA Handbook

Study the FHA rules for the 4155 and the FHA manual. This is helpful for FHA loans in Florida as well as the rest of the Country. Having the FHA Manual (the 4155.1) enables an FHA borrower to understand the FHA rules for FHA mortgage lending.

I hope this post has been helpful for those who are seeking the FHA manual orthe FHA handbook which of course contains the FHA rules for mortgage lending.

Once upon a time the fha wrote the 4155.1 and updated the fha rules in it and called it the fha manual. Some refer to it as the FHA handbook or simply as the fha 4155.1 You can call it what you want but if you are going to close an fha mortgage loan then you will have to go by the rules in the fha book.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

An Intelligent Article Explaining Florida Deficiency Judgments

It all starts with a Florida Mortgage Loan. Please make sure you make ALL of your mortgage payments on-time. If you can not make your payments on-time, then contact your mortgage lender and ask for a mortgage workout. That is the subject of a future article. For now, I will discuss what happens when a borrower does not make the mortgage payments on-time.

The lender will bring a lawsuit in a judicial foreclosure state such as the state of florida. The borrower must respond to the lawsuit by answering the complaint. If the homeowner does not answer the complaint, the foreclosing lender wins a default judgment. Default judgment is a separate issue than a deficiency judgment. The deficiency judgment in florida is possible through a judicial foreclosure in the florida courts.

The debt collectors are waiting for deficiency judgments so that they can collect through garnishing wages and levy of bank accounts. Imagine going to the ATM and not being able to withdraw funds because of the deficiecny judgment in florida that a debt collector got a hold of.

Look at florida deficiency judgments as a means for the florida foreclosure to enforce their rights under a recourse loan. When the loan payments can not be made and florida forecosure ensues, the deficiency judgment is not far behind.

This not a solution that anyone is looking for. You may avoid foreclosure and avaoid the deficiency judgment whenever possible. This is what everyone would like to see, except for the debt collection industry. They of course want florida deficiency judgments and the pusuit of florida homeowners through default judgments. No one likes debt collectors and no one (else) likes deficiency judgments in florida.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Examining FNMA Flips & Short Sales

There has been a lot of misinformation on the internet with FNMA short sales. The FNMA MyCommunity mortgage is another subject altogether. The FNMA Flips and FNMA Flipping is also another story altogether. This article is about FNMA Flips and FNMA short sales.

A short sale is defined by Fannie Mae - FNMA and it is formerly known as the Federal National Mortgage Association which is a corporation that specializes in buying mortgage loans from mortgage bankers. FNMA adds liquidity when it can to the mortgage market. The fed recently bailed out FNMA by allowing it to borrow from the Fed's discount window. Again, don't get me started on that aspect of FNMA.

FNMA offers many Foreclosure Workout Options. Fannie Mae has a Repayment Arrangement, Forbearance, Loan Modification, Short Sale , Short Sale , and Deed in Lieu . Did I mention FNMA short sale? Yeah, I mentioned FNMA short sale in Florida just to see that you were paying attention. Now let's talk about FNMA Flips in Florida using the FNMA MyCommunity mortgage loan. This has a few things in common with the FNMA short sale. Namely, that they are both sponsored by Fannie Mae. There will be more on FNMA if you liked this post then you should save this blog in you favorites.

FNMA Flipping Rules are ever changing. To stay on top of the lates FNMA news with regards to short sales and FNMA Flips, check the Fannie Mae rules on flipping properties.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Florida Short Sales Dicover a Solution in Option Contracts

Developing successful real estate short sale transactions through the option contract is beneficial for a number of reasons in real estate. This is particularly true in hard hit real estate market like Florida that is flooded with short sales with no end in sight. There are a number of advantages to using the Florida option contract with short sales that are being discussed in Florida real estate today.

Visit the Option Contract for Florida real estate site to locate such short sales.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Secrets of Current FHA APR

Secrets of Current FHA APR have been compiled for centuries in the mortgage business. The first fha mortgage broker to crack the current code for APR was an understudy of the FHA APR that was currently in the mortgage rescission period for TILA violations.


Friday, July 4, 2008

How TILA's 'Holder in Dues Course' Relates to Current FHA APR

Many FHA mortgage lenders fail to calculate the FHA using the current index. For the TILA to be in compliance for an FHA variable rate mortgage loan, the current index must be used and that is the index available at time of consummation. This will all be used to calculate a current fha apr for TILA purposes.

Many document examiners are concerned with the current fha apr when evaluating an FHA mortgage loan for compliance with the TILA. If the FHA mortgage loan is out of compliance because the current FHA APR was not used for calculating the final Truth in Lending statement, then the FHA borrower may have recourse against the mortgage lender.

When the FHA mortgage loans are passed around and the servicing rights of the lender are traded around like a hot potato, you must still be concerned for the current FHA APR calculations on the TIL. The lender takes assignment and is considered a holder in due course and protected against many claims that would otherwise be actionable against the originator. One claim that an assignee can not escape, however, is one that is evident on the face of the documents. And that is, you guessed it, the current fha apr. Otherwise known as todays fha apr.

For a more detailed analysis of current fha apr, check the updated post on the FHA Loan Expert Blog as follows: Current FHA APR.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bay County Floirda Short Sale

There are many real estate selections in Bay County Florida and there are many short sales of real estate in Bay County. Bay County includes Panama City, Floirda and the short sales of real estate in the surrounding areas of Bay County Florida. Be careful when selecting the abandoned homes that are real estate owned. They are much different than the real estate in Bay County Florida that is available by short sale.

A short sale is described by FNMA as a preforeclosure sale. There are many of these available in Bay County Florida and you should select carefully from short sale to short sale in Panama City and the real estate in teh metor Bay area of Florida.

Visit short sale real estate Bay County Florida and review the real estate available throughout Florida and the real estate in the United States of America. Some of them are abandoned homes in Florida near Bay County.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Skelly Bought a Short Sale of Real Estate in Florida

Skelly bought a short sale in Alachua county florida. You may want to visit Skelly’s house to see if the kitchen sink is there on the short sale of real estate in florida. If the sink is at Skelly’s short sale of real estate in Alachua County Florida then we can see that short sales in Alachua Florida have everything including the kitchen Sink.

Skelly had a party at her Alachua County short sale house and the real estate agent that helped her was invited. You can buy an Alachua county florida short sale of real estate.

See if you can fin Skelly’s short sale of Alachua Real estate.

Monday, June 16, 2008


By now most everyone has heard about FHA MIP risk based pricing and I don't want to rehash all of the hum drum fha mip risk based premium calculations. Heck, if you wanted the fha mip risk based pricing chart you would have logged onto the FHA website and checked a mortgagee letter on mip risk based prcing for FHA, am I right?

Of course I'm right. That's why you are here - to learn about fha mip and risk based pricing information that they won't tell you on the HUD site of what FHA mortgagee letters fail to highlight. Here is what has been taught so far on fha mip risk based pricing and how the FHA MIP system really works. Is FHA solvent? You be the judge on that one. Stay tuned!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Option Contracts for Short Sales Detailed

We have become overwhelmed by our search engine rankings for option contract for real estate short sales. This tells me the option contracts with short sales and real estate is a hot topic at this time. You have come to the right place to get short sale, real esate, and particularly option contracts with short sale advice. Hold your real estate hat for a moment while I describe the option contract for real estate short sales.

Here is a great place to begin for short sale, option contracts, and real estate properties that are selling short with the shorting lender. Be sure to click around a great deal and help to move the short sale of real estate website higher in the traffic rankings for options and short sale transactions.

Step Two: Short sale and options for real estate to negotiate the notice of option contract period for the real estate short sale. That will have to be a subject for a furture article on option contracts for real estate short sales. I couldn't give you all of the short sale options right away or you would never come back for more short sale option contract advise. See you soon!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Explain Option Contract & Short Sales

We have been discussing option contracts and short sales along with title companies that close short sales using teh option contract. The memorandum or notice of option must be recorded at the courthouse as evidence of teh shorts ale option contract. Next, a title company must be used for a back to back closing.

This can accomodate teh option contract and the shorts sale transaction. Find the title company first and then write the notice of option contract with an attorney that understands teh short sale transaction. If you are in a hurry to close with teh option contract then hope that you have Litton Loan Services and not Indymac for the shorting lender.

Option Contracts with Short Sales Reviewed step-by-step.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Florida Liens Can Be Removed for SHort Sales

the florida liens can be removed for short sales. The short sale can then take place without the florida liens and judgments attached to the property. This allows the homeowner to sell teh property on a florida short sale with liens. the liens are simply unattached to the florida homesteaded property.

Write the lien remove letter on florida homesteaded short sale and get the florida lien removed. You will make on happy florida homeowenr who can short sale the florida property without the junior lien attached . This does not apply to a second mortage lien of course. They only get $1,000 on a short sale if they are willing to short sell and not foreclose on the florida property that has had the lien removed because it is homeseteaded.

Lien remove letter florida homestead helps your seller with a short sale.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your FICO score has gone fishing and now no FHA soup for you!

This fha score and post doesn't even come close to making credit scoring sense. DOn't even walk in this fha underwriter's office with that low fha score. Take your fha score and go to the nearest Experian rapid rescore and get some super unleaded tradelines through a secured credit card. And then maybe you can get an fha loan.

Until then, check outr fha credit scoring requirements for a below 580 credit score. Yes I said an fha credit score below 580. That means that if you have a credit score below a 580 then you can get a loan. One more time for the credit score triathalon, YOU CAN GET AN FHA LOAN WITH A CREDIT SCORE BELOW A 580!

Credit score requirements fro fha loans.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FHASecure Developments with Florida Loss Mitigation

There are many new developments with FHASecure and loss mitigation in florida. These are essentially housing market solutions for those in florida who have adjustable rate mortgage loans and need to refinance to lower rates and lower payments.

The FHA Secure in Florida can assist those who wish to lower a mortgage payment. This can even be accomplished when the loan is upside down and the homeowner wishes to refinances the mortgage with an aFHA mortgage loan of an upside down property. This is definitely something florida homewowners should look into.

Your florida loss mitigation efforts may realize that the fha loan must be subordinated to allow the refinance to the fha secure or an fha 203b.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun WIth Florida Short Sales

Buyers buy short sales in florida. Sellers sell short sales in florida with a full release of liability. No problem for the florida credit report when the florida short sale is correctd with the credit reporting and credit score changes. Learn the florida mortgage escape through the short sale.

This is more on the fha partial claim program in florida for fha loans. You are not necessarrilly in bankruptcy when your attorney provides the florida loan modification cosent form. The modification is a prelude to the florida short sales as far as some lenders are concerned. Litton Loan Services has already reduced the principal amount of the loan for these borrowers and you may not be the florida mortgage short sale that was expected. This is a major problem with florida loss mitigation. COuntrywide has a short sale program if you talk to the loss mitigation department. None of this is to be confused with fixing bad credit to buy a florida short sale. None of this will help your short sale.

Locate Florida Short Sales.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Changes in FHA Gift Guidelines?

The changes in fha gift guidelnies happened quite some time ago. The donor needs to show proof of the ability to provide the mortgage borrower the fha gift. This is in part true and can be done in many ways. Let's look at florida fha gift and the florida government grant program for fha. When you are gifting to a relative or close friends with a clearly defined interest then you have a relationship of the parties that matches fha guidleines for gifts.

That leaves the fha grant program in florida as a strange bird so to speak. Take the fha grant program that is available for fha and then add the grant program that may be available for government grants in florida. The end result?

FHA GIFT in Florida Mortgage

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FHA Partial Claim

There are some interesting facts regarding HUD's partial claim program. This will enable a homeowner with an FHA loan to get currect through a payment by the Department of Housing and Urband Development called a 'partial claim'.

Under the Partial Claim option, a mortgagee will advance funds on behalf of a mortgagor in an amount necessary to reinstate a delinquent loan (not to exceed the equivalent of 12 months PITI). The mortgagor will execute a promissory note and subordinate mortgage payable to HUD. Currently, these promissory or "Partial Claim" notes assess no interest and are not due and payable until the mortgagor either pays off the first mortgage or no longer owns the property.

Let's take a look as some questions and answers regarding HUD's partial claim.

Question 1: A Loan Modification was completed; the mortgagor then defaults again and has different circumstances; it's been less than 12 months since the Loan Modification was completed; can the mortgagee consider a Partial Claim?

Answer to FHA partial claim question one can be found at HUD partial claim info.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Someone Said FHASecure or FHA SECURE

What is the difference if I call it FHASecure or if I call it "FHA SECURE". I mean does it really matter? You know I am talking about fhasecure if a say f-h-a-s-e-c-u-r-e don't you?

Let me put it this way. I will list my favorite ways to say fha secure.


FHASECURE payoff subprime stinkaroo loan

FHASecure saves foreclosure

FHA Secure is more secure than you think

FHA Secure gives another chance to keep your home

and my favorite is simple: FHASecure Mortgage Refinance

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

CLTV for second mortgages going FHA

Does anyone know the CLTV or LTV restriction for second mortgages going FHA? I'll post this and see if anyone can get me the FHA and the FHA subordination agreement to go above 100% LTV. The FHA CLTV is difficult for me to understand when the LTV is already at the maximum loan-to-value for federal housing administration mortgage loans.

FHA has a CLTV limit for second mortgages. You may havee a higher than 100% LTV if you have the right FHA subordination agreement prepared. I am not sure is this makes sense and I will check back to see if FHA CLTV is answered here on thsi blog. Thanks!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mortgage Loan Officer Marketing Ideas

I was searching around th real estate online for loan officer marketing and I found that many people are marketing for loan officer stuff. That made me thing that there are not a lot of quality posts about loan officer (or mortgage loan officer) marketing online.

Here is a post about mortgage loan officer marketing. Market a sa loan officer first and foremost and then the loans and the marketing go hand in hand so to speak. I will type some more about loan officer marketing and hope that you read the workds loan officer marketing and then get some marketing ideas for you or your cousin as a loan officer.

Everyone is a loan officer these days and everyone want to market. Only on post about the two loan officer and marketing going together for a mortgage loan marketeer so to speak.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Flip This FHA

Property was a foreclosure and then the bank took the property back. Can this go FHA now or is it a problem for the FHA anti-flip rules?

Let's look at the requirements for FHA and property flipping. It must be within ninety-days and then it is a big no0no. If after 90 days then maybe it is ok. What is the property is bank owned REO and then is thebank trying to flip the property or is that not considered an FHA Flip.

FHA Flipping Rules

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bankruptcy FHA mortgage lending loans

There are many loans that are bankrutcy buyouts yet none other than the fha mortgage refinance called the fha loan. This can save a hoemowner from foreclosure. You can look into various fha mortgage lending guidelines and fha compensating factors for debt to income ratio may apply. You are not instructed to refinance prior to the fha bankruptcy mortgage is complete.

More info on the fha mortgage after a bankruptcy will be posted as time progresses. This bankruptcy mortgage fha loan is breaking news.

Mortgage FHA with a bankruptcy coming to your town soon! Don't get turned down for an fha loan and study your fha guidelines before the fha bankruptcy hits your neck of the woods. That's my fha bankruptcy advice and you can take that and fifty cents and ride the bus.

The last guy that rode the bus with my fha bankruptcy advice ended up sitting next to the HUD secretary Alphonso Jackson who resigned from HUD recently. The two events were mutually exclusive and had nothing to do with his fha bankruptcy mortgage or resignation. That's not to say that Alphonso won't file for bankruptcy and get an fha loan later. I won't make a comment about ALhpnso's fha bankruptcy becuase this post is getting absurd already. We'll stick to fha bankruptcy and their rules on fha refinancing.

Do NOT exceed the CLTV limit for an FHA refinance!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Real Estate Foreclosures in Florida

There are tons of real estate foreclosures in florida. You can walk down any block and buy a preforeclosure short sale. The problem is the florida FHA 203k can not be used without sufficient debt to income ration guidelines. Most lenders do not know how to calculate debt to income ratios.

When the fha loan is defaulted, you will not want to be there for the eviction and sherriffs sale. You may decide that the foreclosure and eviction are not friendly if the sheriff brings a convict to evict the tenant. This is 30 to 45 days after summary judgment of foreclosure.

Foreclosure in Floirda and preforeclosures for sale in Florida.

FHA lenders in Florida.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Countrywide Not Allowing Short Sales of Investment Property

Countrywide disallowing short sales of investment property is the shot sale information reported today. When Countrywide does not allow an investment property short sale then there is no short sale that is available for the non-owner occupied property and it will end in foreclosure. Look to see if the property that is the subject of the short sale is an investment property and if it is then you can not short sale the property if it is with countrywide mortgage.

Countrywide and short sales of investment properties is being discussed at the Countrywide Short Sale Blog of non-owner occupant properties.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tell Tale Signs of Foreclosure

These are tell tale signs of foreclosure. This list in not exhaustive and should only be used as a guide:

Boarded up windows

Broken Down Doors

Lawn Not Mowed

Real Estate Foreclosure Investors Swarming

Empty House

Mail Stacked up

Newspapers Stacked up in Driveway

Florida Realtors feeding on foreclosure sales

The solution is to sell the home prior to foreclosure. This can be done through a short sale. This can be helpful to the credit if done early in the process. Look into these foreclosure issues early on. You may also be able to obtain a loan modification to lower your monthly payment and add any past due mortgage payments into the loan balance. This is better than a forbearance plan. A loan modification is better than a forbearance plan and a short sale is better than foreclosure.

Many properties are for sale that are pre-foreclosures on the short sale locate properties database. You can read about fha loans in Florida and avaoid foreclosure in any state of the united states of america.

Michael Jackson was able to save his neverland ranch from foreclosure. You may avoid foreclosure and this may be something that many other movie and celebrity personalities should know about avoiding foreclosure. Living in a mansion and going through foreclosure is no fun. Avoid foreclosure and sell your real estate before that happens. Soupy sales does NOT like short sales and pre-foreclosure sales (a/k/a short sales). Keven Federline may or may not have had a foreclosure and could be renting at this moment.

Seeking loss mitigation numbers for a short sale.

Ken Lews the CEO of Bank of America has a special way with dealing with partial release short sales and the loss mitigators who cry about it.

After hours with foreclosure avoiding through RESPA violations and FHA loss mitigators.

Bankruptcy will help if you are avoiding foreclosure for the automatic stay.

Short sale hysteria involving florida short sales is wrong.

You will not pay the rent with money unless you went through foreclosure and can't afford the rent with money paid.

Maybe this makes sense and maybe it doesn't but you are not going to avoid forclosure without learning more about selling, refinancing, or doing a loan modifciation to avoid foreclosures.

This is the final sentence in this avoid foreclosure article and I am suprirsed that you have read this far, if you like this type of foreclosure avoidance babbling then read more by clicking this mortgage resuce programs are bad link.

Larry Linkler has the credit repair after foreclosure figured out and you will understand that foreclosure affects your credit report on teh credit repair bus in this way.

Release my foreclosure Lien for the short sale to consummate. This is different than the satisfaction of a lien through foreclosure, so get that stright before we go any further.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

You can't short sale in FLorida without reading this!

Stop your short sale! Stop your florida short sale!

There is something that I must tell you about florida short sales before you short sell another florida real estate condo. The condo in florida is a short sale becuase the mortgage is delinquent or in imminent danger of default. That is why the property is a short sale.

Did you know that about the florida short sale? If you did know that the florida short sale was like that then I will now give you the secret loss mitigation numbers for Litton Loan services, Jp Morgan Chase, COuntrywide, and IndyMac.

Floirda short sale number for COuntrywide

Litton Loan Service loss mitigation department phone number

IndyMac Florida loss mitigation department back room number

Double Secret number for Larry at the short sale loss mitigation room in Florida

Jp Morgan Chase has a toll free loss mitigation number

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Try Examining The Short Sale Backwards

You cna try to examine the short sale backwards. the way you do that is to look at the short sale moving forward (as if it was a long sale) and then remove the setps by truning the short sale forwards. This is an about face short sale and is reminiscient of teh Florida short sales in Orlando that larry was discussing.

Loss Mitigation Department in Orlando for Countrywide had the loss mitigator fired for working too slow. he spilled coffeee on the supervisor loss mitigator and then the report came back to Angelo Mozillo that loss mitigation at Countrywide was underperforming on their loan modifications. This subprime conversion of the 2/28 to the five year teaser rate extension on an Orlando loan modificatin was unusual and so Angelo (the tan man) grabbed some SPF and threw it at the supervisor loss mitigator. Anyway, at the end of it the Orlando loss mitigation deprtament had one less loss mitigator in Florida. And the short sale took a lot longer for the Florida short sale realtor.

Now don't get me started on Indymac's loss mitiagtion department.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Political Short Sale Developments

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with real estate shorts ale investments in Florida. I will say that Hillary Clinton's short sale has been documented on this other blog and then there is John Mccain's mortgage broker who may or may not have worked with Larry Linkler's loss mitigation department.

This is interesting and may be a foreclosure solution for the FHASecure program and it is interesting to see the short sales in Florida.

Mortgage broker is a florida short sale and this is a political short sale as far as I am concerned.

Larry Linkler has no comment about Florida short sales at this time.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Loss Mitigator Hid Behind the 2nd Trust Deed1

Serving tasty florida real estate agents with a side of history, The Short sale in florida Bankruptcy offers a unique combination of pleasures in downtown Orlando. From the outside, the Short sale in florida Bankruptcy appeared to be an incredibly well maintained historic home. The garden leading to the front door is a wonderful example of a lush, abundant garden with a slightly disorderly character while tall and aged trees help to create a cool and shady bubble from the heat of the midday sun. And true to its name, the loss mitigators office at Bank of America rests upon the ground atop a foundation built from stones of various sizes resulting in a pleasantly rustic look.
As a bonus, The Short sale in florida Bankruptcy hides (or rather celebrates) its mischievous past. The house, originally built in 1914, was soon rumored to be running a loss mitgation at Litton Loan Services operation when alcohol was outlawed in 1919. Stories circulated of secretive liaisons to sell the foreclosure deeds and even the existence of an underground tunnel which allowed easy transport of short sale buyers directly to a bankruptcy attorney’s office. Gossip intensified when the owners of the so-called loss mitgation at Litton Loan Services operation decided to open a genuine title company in Bradenton after prohibition ended. With such a characterful story, how can you not give it a go? As we entered the house, we were quickly greeted and shown to our seats at a simple, pleasant wooden table with comfortable chairs. The interior design was simple and clean. Historical photographs of old downtown Orlando dot the walls and are fun to check out. A cozy fireplace dominates one wall of the loss mitigators office at Bank of America while, kitty-corner, an antique candy counter and of fashion cash register combines functionality with a stylish touch. Other classic fixtures are scattered though out the dining room such as the antique hat rack and coat hanger that caught my eye. In many ways, the interior felt like a comfortable private dining room with its soft green color pattern, well maintained wooden flooring and plenty of natural day lighting that filtered through the foreclosure trust deeds in florida.

The loss mitigator LOST the Lis Pendens!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Follow this short sale story for $1

With Florida short sales on the horizon, a young Floridian whose life had heretofore been consumed with the protocol of loss mitigation, said goodbye to his idyllic life and rode off on his bicycle to join the Real estate investors. Real estate short sale investor was perhaps the most innocent of the Florida short sales poets. Loss mitigation expert has called Loss mitigator the "accidental hero." Born into a wealthy Real estate agents family in 1886, Loss mitigator lived the foreclosure life of a young squire: loss mitigation, playing cricket, golfing and writing bankruptcy verses. Being an innocent, Loss mitigator's reaction to the realities of the Florida short sales were all the more bitter and violent -- both his reaction through his poetry and his reaction on the flipper (where, after the death of fellow loss mitigation specialist Foreclosure short sale man and his brother Realtor at Gallipoli, Loss mitigator earned the nickname "Mad Jack" for his near-suicidal exploits against the Homevestors lines -- in the early manifestation of his grief, when he still believed that the Homevestorss were entirely to blame). As We will buy your home for cashl said: "now he unleashed a talent for irony and satire and contumely that had been sleeping all during his foreclosure youth." Loss mitigator also showed his innocence by going public with his protest against the Florida short sales (as he grew to see that insensitive political leadership was the greater enemy than the Homevestorss). Luckily, his friend and fellow poet Foreclosure woman convinced the review board that Loss mitigator was suffering from shell-shock and he was sent instead to the short sale hospital at Craiglockhart where he met and influenced HSBC From ocwen mortgage servicing.Loss mitigator is a key figure in the study of the poetry of the Great Florida short sales: he brought with him to the Florida short sales the idyllic foreclosure background; he began by writing Florida short sales poetry reminiscent of Rupert Brooke; he mingled with such Florida short sales poets as Foreclosure woman and Edmund Blunden; he spoke out publicly against the Florida short sales (and yet returned to it); he influenced and mentored the then unknown HSBC From ocwen mortgage servicing; he spent thirty years reflecting on the Florida short sales through his memoirs; and at last he found peace in his short sale faith. Some critics found his later poetry lacking in comparison to his Florida short sales poems. Loss mitigator, identifying with Foreclosing attorney and Bankruptcy attorney, recognized and understood this: "my development has been entirely consistent and in character" he answered, "almost all of them have ignored the fact that I am a short sale poet."