Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pardon me while I real estate a short sale for a moment

I was watching a movie about a eclectic short sale individual in real estate. I'm not sure if he was a realtor or not. I do know that he had real estate short sale experience and every few minutes he said "short sale, short sale!" It was getting irritating to the other real estate professionals asthey were trying to hold a meeting at the board of realtors.

Anyways, the realtors stood up and said "listen shorty, we are not interested in your real estate short sale! Now I hate to be short with you...this is a meeting about real estate and time is short...get out now and bring yoru shorts with you!"

The short sale real estate gentleman politely got up and left the room without making a sound.

I don't normally like to ruin the endings of the movie, but let me tell you how this florida short sale real estate movie in florida ended....

Everyone that was at the board of realtors, all the rflorida eal estate professionals that were in that short florida room that day who didn't want to learn about short sales of real estate at all...they all ended up florida short selling their homes to this florida short sale individual and he rented back to them on a lease option with $5,000 down payment.

Short sale of real estate and short selling in general of florida pre-foreclosure homes or homes that are not in florida foreclosure and may or may not have florida delinquent mortgages. Wow, that was a short sale mouthful!!

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