Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your FICO score has gone fishing and now no FHA soup for you!

This fha score and post doesn't even come close to making credit scoring sense. DOn't even walk in this fha underwriter's office with that low fha score. Take your fha score and go to the nearest Experian rapid rescore and get some super unleaded tradelines through a secured credit card. And then maybe you can get an fha loan.

Until then, check outr fha credit scoring requirements for a below 580 credit score. Yes I said an fha credit score below 580. That means that if you have a credit score below a 580 then you can get a loan. One more time for the credit score triathalon, YOU CAN GET AN FHA LOAN WITH A CREDIT SCORE BELOW A 580!

Credit score requirements fro fha loans.

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