Monday, May 26, 2008

Florida Liens Can Be Removed for SHort Sales

the florida liens can be removed for short sales. The short sale can then take place without the florida liens and judgments attached to the property. This allows the homeowner to sell teh property on a florida short sale with liens. the liens are simply unattached to the florida homesteaded property.

Write the lien remove letter on florida homesteaded short sale and get the florida lien removed. You will make on happy florida homeowenr who can short sale the florida property without the junior lien attached . This does not apply to a second mortage lien of course. They only get $1,000 on a short sale if they are willing to short sell and not foreclose on the florida property that has had the lien removed because it is homeseteaded.

Lien remove letter florida homestead helps your seller with a short sale.

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